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Best Things We Ate in 2017: DWDJ Contributors' Edition

Y'all know by now I didn't quite eat EVERYTHING there was to eat in 2017 (but I tried, have you seen my Best of List for the year? There's even a second, city specific one for Plano Magazine). I told you - I consumed a LOT.

For - you know - research.

Earlier this year I had to get some contributors on board here at Dining with Delia Jo to help me out to more adequately cover the dining scene, especially once I knew we were moving and I would need help to keep Dallas involved in my blog and social media.  Because even if I am in Nashville now, Dallas still has a big piece of my heart. And my stomach.

This year 5 talented ladies joined on to help me out, and have been killing it with event coverage, photos, instagram and blog posts, and even hashtagging (bless their hearts, I hate that part) the heck out of some DFW food.

My list was long on its own, but I was hungry to to hear from them to know the best things they ate in 2017.

Below, two contributors -Kimberly Stephens and K…

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