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Nashville AT A GLANCE


Did you know that "best breakfast" is one of the most searched phrases when it comes to food in Nashville?I"m mostly an intermittent fasting kind of gal and skip breakfast, but from time to time I do enjoy a morning meal out. Here are my best weekday picks for dining before 11am in Nashville
(It's also sort of a guide to badass biscuits). 

weekday lunch

Throw a rock and you'll hit a bachelorette and a boozy brunch in Nashville, but great weekday lunches are harder to find. Here's a full guide to my top Music City lunch spots on Instagram. 

weekend Brunch

Brunch is a sport all its own in Music City. Whether you're seeking bottomless mimosas, a perfect espresso martini, or just some bangin' biscuits, I've got you covered (and smothered and chunked if you want)> 


The question that can turn many couples into a tailspin: "what's for dinner?" Fret not, I've got you. 

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