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Hey y'all!

A lot of people don't know this, but earlier this year said goodbye to all of my FT jobs, to double down on Dining with Delia Jo - a brand and food blog I debuted in 2009 because I've been a restaurant cheerleader since before I could use chopsticks. My Mama and Daddy told me stories of how as a child in Huntsville, Alabama I'd ride down University Drive naming all of the chain restaurant signs at the age of 2. When I was 5, my kindergarten teacher learned I could read when I was reciting the day's lunch menu (which I undoubtedly disapproved of as a picky eater) to my class. And on my high school dance team, I was named "Most Likely To Review Restaurants" because of the hell I gave them when choosing a dining destination for our end of year banquet. My picky eating phase ended swiftly in my early 20s, when I didn't want to look like a moron on a date with a restaurant owner. Turns out, I really do like my steak less than well done, and all those "weird" things are fun to explore and eat. And Dining With Delia Jo was born. Before the days of TikTok and Instagram and free food. Just a girl loving queso and wanting to tell y'all about it. I'm so lucky to do it on the daily, all these years later.

I dine out on a daily basis, not only because I really hate cooking, but because I love the experience, and the Nashville dining scene itself has been healing to me in the last few hard hard hard life years, for me personally and for Music City and the world at large. I love dining out and the stories of friendships made around the table, and call so many humans I've met working in these restaurants, bars, and kitchens my dearest friends.

I'm super excited for my next chapter, which has already surprised me by including speaking gigs, itineraries, fun new social media partnerships, and an expanded byline list for my writing locally and beyond - including my first BOOK (eek! it's available now for pre-sale on Amazon here,

Last week, I debuted my new weekly "bites" newsletter (to all of 3 subscribers ) where I'll talk all things dining, in Nashville and beyond, as both socially awkward content creator and hungry/passionate food and travel journalist. Are you ready for a weekly dose of mouth-watering cuisine and insider restaurant tips, right here in Nashville and beyond? Is staying on top of the most recent restaurant openings and pop-ups your favorite hobby too? Do you also eat queso like it's going out of style? I've spent years, lots of spending money, and endless calories scouring Music City over the decades to handpick the best spots to dine - so this is a place to share it all with you off social media and outside of the publications I write for.n

If you'd sign up, I'd love to have you on my email list, for my weekly recap in bite-sized, digestible form. I promise it'll just be once a week. Get ready to sink your teeth into juicy burger joints, tantalizing taco trucks, and decadent dessert spots. But, this newsletter isn't just a list of restaurants. I'll has packed each email with invaluable information on the area's culinary happenings and hidden haunts. From the best happy hour deals to the newest food trends, you'll be the most informed (and hungriest) diner at the table.

Peace, Love, and Queso Forever!

Delia Jo

P.S. You can see the first introductory newsletter here. This week, I've got some love for the "old Nashville" diehards and a little Nashville history lesson if you're new here and want to dig in beyond the shiny and new. There's a lot of layers in today's dining scene, and I'm excited to share them all with you.

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