Chubby Tuna in Your Tummy Soon-uh

Andy Nguyen, co-owner of several wildly successful eateries in California, has graced the Richardson area with a casual, fresh poke shop called “Chubby Tuna”. And trust me when I say this place has everything you would be looking for in terms of your new go-to hangout. Cute mascot? Check.

Chill vibes? Check. Delicious food? Check check check.
I was given the opportunity to try out the menu, and boy was I on a roll (haha, get it?). Like me, you'll also get to build your own poke bowl, burrito, or seaweed roll or choose from their ready-made poke burritos, SPAM sides, or acai bowls. I chose to go with the “chubbicone” where they waffle iron sushi rice and wrap it into a seaweed cone with the options you choose. I went with a half-and-half base of the spring mix and sushi rice and chose salmon as my protein, which was tossed in their tasty secret blend of spicy ponzu marinade. It was so fresh, succulent, and tender, I felt in that moment that I didn't need anything else to be happy in the world. And that sauce? The solution to everything is definitely an ingredient of that secret mix.

I added in some corn, crab mix, seaweed salad, topped with red topiko (they have various colors of it, so I would make a rainbow because everyone needs more rainbows in their lives), fried onions, fried garlic, dried seaweed, furikake, and avocado.

Rounded it off with some eel sauce, my personal go-to, and voila-*chef’s kiss*-perfection in the palm of your hand!

As a SPAM fan from childhood, I couldn’t leave without trying their spam sides, so I got two: fried spam musabi with Calbee shrimp chips (also a childhood favorite of mine), coupled with wasabi cream sauce, and SPAM fries with Chubby Tuna sauce.

Also got a chance to try out one of my all-time-favorite sodas: Japanese ramune soda. I took the Hello Kitty one in the strawberry flavor. Additionally, when I saw the Mr. Brown brand canned iced coffee I had to try the macadamia nut. Both great decisions, and highly recommended. They also have Kona iced coffee from Hawaii, which I will be getting on my next visits to try. If y'all try it before me, let us know how it was!

Had to take a poke bowl home for the road, so I picked the "hot 2 na". Check out the menu in preparation for their grand opening on Saturday, May 19th. First 100 customers get a free gift as well!

If you need help deciding, feel free to keep this post open on your phone. ;) Everything was delicious and the menu looks like I'll be making my way through it on numerious visits, and I hope you all feel the same way too. Visit this cute tuna, stay a while, have some laughs, eat some noms, and leave happy (most important of all)!


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