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Eat This Nashville: May 2018 Edition

It's May and I'm back with 10 more must-try dishes from all across Nashville. From south in Spring Hill and Brentwood to West Nashville, East Nash, and Germantown, these are the plates that got my attention this month. Have something you'd like to see featured? Use the hashtag #diningwithdeliajo, DM me on Instagram , or just old school email me at to send me your recommendations for future lists. How'd you do on the first list ? Ready for the second edition of  Eat This Nashville   - 10 dishes to eat this May 2018? 1. Orecchiete Verde from Nicky's Coal Fired  - Definitely going on my top 100 bites of the year come December. Get it while you can. 2. Bird Pepper Mac and Cheese from Woolworth on 5th  - It's like Grandma made it for a church picnic come Sunday afternoon, plus the added zing of the bird pepper. Lovely. I know, I started with two pastas in a row and y'all are all trying to get ready for swimsuit

Chubby Tuna in Your Tummy Soon-uh

Andy Nguyen , co-owner of several wildly successful eateries in California, has graced the Richardson area with a casual, fresh poke shop called “Chubby Tuna”. And trust me when I say this place has everything you would be looking for in terms of your new go-to hangout. Cute mascot? Check. Chill vibes? Check. Delicious food? Check check check. I was given the opportunity to try out the menu, and boy was I on a roll (haha, get it?). Like me, you'll also get to build your own poke bowl, burrito, or seaweed roll or choose from their ready-made poke burritos, SPAM sides, or acai bowls. I chose to go with the “ chubbicone ” where they waffle iron sushi rice and wrap it into a seaweed cone with the options you choose. I went with a half-and-half base of the spring mix and sushi rice and chose salmon as my protein, which was tossed in their tasty secret blend of spicy ponzu marinade. It was so fresh, succulent, and tender, I felt in that moment that I didn't need any

Love at First Bite: Emmy Squared in Nashville

Emmy Squared opened several weeks ago in Nashville, and this girl has already eaten there four times. This should sound alarm bells in your head. Delia Jo doesn't repeat restaurants very often, especially when exploring her new city. When she repeats this frequently, it begs your attention. Now snapping out of referring to self in the third person. #sorrynotsorry The new Gulch restaurant (located in the former 404 kitchen space) is the second iteration of Emmy Squared - straight outta Brooklyn, NY - and sibling to Emily (known her for small plates, pizza, and again, burgers). With a small space which accommodates around 60, the feel of the restaurant is intimate and cozy. Emmy Squared Nashville is their first restaurant outside of New York. At Emmy Squared, owners Matt and Emily Hyland throw down a legit Detroit-inspired pizza, one you'll recognize easily by its rectangular shape and crispy, cheesy 'frico' edges,  If you're not familiar, the 'frico'

Don't Just Explore Your Neighborhood...Taste It.

Events like Taste Addison are a treat to the community because not only are you getting a chance to have fun and feasts on some top quality eats from around the area, but you’re also playing an active role in keeping the community thriving. So I really implore you all to go this upcoming weekend. If you do, you’re in for the following delicacies, among others: You know that one scene in the movie Black Panther where they dive into the forest and an entire hidden and the advanced city of Wakanda is revealed to the audience? That was like finding the delicious Thai chicken curry under all these yummy vegetable and noodle garnishes. From: Thai Orchid The red chile crusted salmon taco with the creamy, crunchy chimayo market elotes is a match made in heaven whose magic I  was able to  experience as an Earth dweller. From: Blue Mesa Grill Look at that texture! From: Blue Mesa Grill Keeping to the taco theme, these chicken and beef street tacos really

Toulouse Opens at Legacy West Plano

Story and photography by Kimberly Stephens I’m back at Legacy West in Plano and if you can’t tell, I’m loving this area so full of life, high-end retail shopping, and fantastic (and endlessly growing) dining options. Lombardi Family Concepts (who are also the owners of Taverna and Bistro 31, to name a few) have recently opened a second  DFW location of Toulouse Cafe right here at Legacy West.  If you haven’t made it to France just yet, you can enjoy a small taste of it right here in Plano, Texas.   Toulouse has been open for two months, and I before I dive into what I had for dinner, I wanted to take a few moments to talk about the aesthetics of this new space. Toulouse displays a classical French interior with a stunning bar top studded with rich purple armchairs that will make you feel like true royalty. Pictures truly doesn’t do this place justice, you have to go in and see it for yourself.  To begin our dining experience I chose the Mussels Marinéres and the