Winning at Twin Peaks Brewing Co.

Twin Peaks Brewing Co. is the the restaurant's private label pride and joy - located right here in Irving, Texas. Currently standing at six taps, the in-house brews are served at all of the Twin Peaks locations in Texas.

Already learning and the tour hadn't even started yet!

I was greeted warmly and directed towards the private dining area housed in the brewery section of the
building. It smelled like beer. And by that I mean it smelled earthy and fantastic. Walking through the
passageway filled with beer infographics and loads of info, we walked into an area where the table setting
for the event is a perfect lumberjack chic. I regret wearing the shirt I own that matched the tablecloth
perfectly. But my regret was short-lived once the brewery tour started.

I never knew the depth of the science that goes into brewing, and Cody, the resident brewmaster, was a

patient and knowledgeable teacher. I learned about how the hot and cold water process purifies the
product, how different flavors and hop-levels come to be, etc. Nothing’s ever “just” itself. A beer certainly
isn’t “just” a beer, but an entire scientific process in your mouth. Cody's staff and brewmasters are friendly and highly knowledgeable of their craft. In fact, I invite you to pick their brains yourself and go check them out. 
Next time I'm wearing my velvet lumberjack pattern button-down

Science rules (and is delicious)!

I think it was sweaty because it was nervous to meet me ;)

Cody doing his thing

After the brewery tour, we took our seats for the beer and food pairings, and my-oh-my what a treat it was.
We were guests to a 5-course meal consisting of made-from-scratch food & beer pairings. My favorites?
The spicy Thai-chili sauce wings, fish & chips, with the agave lime wheat, dirty blonde, and drop dead red

Reading what was in store got me so hyped! 

I mean if this is what the hunters and gatherers feasted on, let's go back to our roots! From the top that's
grilled sourdough, jalapeño cheddar sausage, creole mustard, sriracha pimento cheese, and soppressata

Something's fishy here, and that's a good thing! The shrimp ceviche, avocado smash, salsa, and chips play in
beautiful harmony together on your taste buds

The fish and chips gave me life

So thankful my favorite flavor was also the largest wing piece. From the top: spicy Thai chili, smoked & grilled
cajun rub, and naked classic

By the time I got to this course, I was stuffed but powered through because who could resist ribeye and
mac and cheese?

The night ended with laughs and a large growler of whatever beer we wanted, so I went with the agave lime
since it made me feel like I was on a beach.

The agave-lime wheat beer is basically a beach vacation in a bottle

1500 Market Place Blvd
Irving, TX

Twin Peaks Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

*Our visit to Twin Peaks was complimentary, but all opinions are our own. 


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