Sunda New Asian Opens in Nashville

Sunda is opening the heavens to fresh quality sashimi and an international infusion of flavors in Nashville (cue harps, please).

A Chicago import by Rockit Ranch Productions hospitality group, Sunda New Asian now graces Music City with cuisine from throughout Southeast Asia. Opening for dinner starting today, Monday, April 16 in The Gulch, the location is just the second location for the concept, and includes the same broad menu sushi lovers find in Chicago.

The Chili Albacore Sashimi is a staff favorite (and now one of mine, too!)
The food and cocktail menus at Sunda give glimpses to modern takes on classics from Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and more. Look for sushi, nigiri, sashimi, plus quality sakes and inspired craft cocktails to accompany your meal.

This Escolar “The Great White” will absolutely be snagging a spot on my “Best bites of 2018” round up at the end of the year. It’s sushi rice wrapped in escolar, topped off with a potato chip for crunch and a shaved truffle for rich added depth.

Beyond the raw highlights, there are plenty of hot and cooked options to keep everyone at the table saying "hallelujah". One of Sunda's signature dishes is the Miso-Bronzed Black Cod, prepared perfectly and providing an explosion of flavor with a buttery bite over eggplant.

“After a lifetime of culinary and culturally immersed travel throughout Southeast Asia, I’m so blessed to be working alongside such incredibly talented teammates and sharing in our love and passion for hospitality and New Asian cuisine,” says Billy Dec, owner of Sunda. “Through elevated ingredients, cooking techniques and presentation, we create tasting experiences that are completely new and exciting, while still retaining the deep-rooted spirit of the traditional dishes that have inspired us.”

Dec himself is so invested in the concept he has even moved to Nashville to fully immerse himself in the community. He brought along with him his leadership team, including executive chef and partner Michael Morales, lead mixologist Nahm Kim, general manager Choon Lai and operations partner Brett Shane.

Even in the dessert menu, creativity abounds at Sunda. Basic desserts like Molten Cake are given an upgrade with green tea-white chocolate filling that oozes out at first fork, breathing a whisper of natural, earthy flavor to the traditional favorite. 

“Our team has fallen in love with Nashville’s culinary, cultural and artistic community, and it’s our greatest joy to share the Sunda concept and our deep emotional connection to Southeast Asia cuisine with the already thriving, beautiful fabric of this city,” says Dec.

The new restaurant will host numerous cultural experiences, from sushi rolling classes to sake tastings, and even a monthly Kamayan feast - a traditional Filipino family-style meal you consume with your hands served on a table covered in banana leaves.

Thank you Sunday for answering that age old question, "Where do we go for good sushi in Nashville?". This concept is so needed in Nashville and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

And all the angels said “Amen”.

592 12th Ave S
 Nashville, TN 37203

*Thanks so much to the team at Sunda Nashville for the hospitality during our visit.


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