Eat This Nashville: April 2018 Edition

Hello, hungry Nashville-dwellers and weekend visitors alike.

It's been just over 5 months I have lived in Nashville thus far, and I have been wanting to launch this series pretty much the entire time. With as often as I dine out, I obviously have loads of stuff to share with you guys and don't always have the time to feature them in full blog post form (or even Instagram - plus, darn that algorithm). That's where Eat This Nashville comes in - a series where I'll share my favorite dishes and drinks from around Music City each month.

Volume 1 of Eat This Nashville includes 10 drool-worthy culinary creations from across Music City. From surprising sweet treats to Sunday specials and even secret menu items, there are so many layers of the culinary scene in Nashville to be discovered.

Have something you'd like to see featured? Use the hashtag #diningwithdeliajo, DM me on Instagram, or just old school email me at to send me your recommendations for future lists.

And now, my introductory Eat This Nashville 10 dishes to eat in April 2018:

1. Meatball Sandwich from City House (available on occasion on the Sunday Supper menu)

2. Goat Cheese Salad from Copper Kettle Cafe - I put a salad on here for y'all so you don't harass me. But in all seriousness, it's a show stopping salad.

3. Agnolotti from Sinema

4. Queso from Nada (read my full ode to Nada's queso here)

5. Beignets from Holler and Dash

6. Nashville Hot Crispy Pig's Ears from Lockeland Table

7. Le big Matt (Burger) from Emmy Squared  - Full recap of the opening coming soon to the blog. Truly, one of the best burgers you'll ever eat. #thatsammysaucetho

8. Veggie Plate from Husk Nashville- this one changes the way you look at vegetables. It has a nice southern accent that changes a tad every day.

9. Waffle Mondae from The Soda Parlor (shout out to Walk Eat Nash for helping me discover this gem - full Walk Eat Nash rehash coming later this week!)

10. Hot Chicken Ramen from Subculture Cafe


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