Could You Be the Next Food Entrepreneur?

An idea is like a needs a village to help it grow. That’s exactly what Dallas’s new addition of the
Pilotworks co-working and event space provides to food entrepreneurs- a dedicated, collaborative village
of aspiring and awarded food businesspeople.

Recently opened at #1200, 11830 Webb Chapel Rd, Pilotworks Dallas provides entréepreneurs (haha, get
it?) with kitchen and co-working spaces to empower them to freely create, experiment, and innovate.
Through cooking equipment availability, mentorship, distribution, etc. the main goal of Pilotworks is to
help people succeed at all stages of their food business journeys. Let's take a look at the magic inside:

I'm a sucker for good decor, and Pilotworks really did a great job of creating a space that's vibrant and inspiring

Aren't the drawings just darling?

The kitchen in the event space we were in was expansive and tastefully kept open

The staff was friendly and helpful, & gorgeous externally and internally

Check out the glaze on these meatballs though...

Dipped into the dips as soon as I got there

These chips were just the beginning of an amazing culinary experience...

Warm pita that was so soft and fluffy I would sleep on it as a pillow if that wasn't socially weird...

Waiting impatiently for my empanada...


The empanadas from The Empanada Cookhouse were juicy and I couldn't get enough of them so I'm going back
and you all should join me so I don't feel self-conscious (please)

There were cocktails and shots that were made with Ilegal Mezcal and they were all smooth on the throat and
tasty on the tongue

My drinking buddy...

My drinking buddy's drinking buddy! He seemed fun.

Tequila sunrises are the only sunrises I wake up to see

Community Beer Co.'s Witbier. Not only are they an award-winning Texas beer, but the company also gives back
to community projects like Hurrican Harvey relief efforts. Drink beer, and feel fuzzy in more ways than one!

I claimed my slider with my pork belly flag...

I mean if I had my own country, this would be my official flag. Also, this picture took forever to take, and the
whole time I just kept praying to the heavens that I could get just one focused picture so I could get my grub on
before it got cold. I hope this was worth it, y'all!

Dallas restaurant and development scene mavens speak about the changing foodie scene in the DFW area.
What strikes me as beautiful is the fact that the evolution of tastes reflects a deeper acceptance of the diverse
cultures that make up the DFW demographics. Our taste buds are leading towards a more melty melting pot.

After the panel, the guests were taken on a tour of the space, which included tasting all of the many goodies
being created in-house both on-site daily and as guest featured for the event. Starting from the top:

Dallas Prep Kitchen makes healthy eating tasty and convenient, which is a feat and was quite a treat!

Beef, turkey, roasted potatoes, and brussels sprouts...I would have had more if I didn't know there was more
to discover with my taste buds

Again, the people behind the food are doing this because it's their passion, and it really shows in the quality and
the service. Additionally, they're beautiful people inside and out!

I wonder where Uchi got that metal deer, it's really cute...

...but not as cute as these fellas!

Peckish Pies has some delicious 5-bite pies, both savory and sweet

I couldn't pick up just one, so I kept coming back. Pecan pies, cobblers, meat pies, they have it all!

The team behind the pies

Have you ever bit into a warm, savory cloud? Well...this place is as close as it gets.

Ever patient with my retakes, Donald Mills of Black Forest Bakery was all smiles as he put smiles on the guests
with his amazing baking...

...I mean just look at these...

if you're not salivating, I'm shocked (unless you can't have bread and if so I'm sorry and there's more coming up
that you can salivate over!)

Next up are these bread+cheese pairings from Mozz Co. & Empire Baking Co.

The lovely pair behind the pairings

Phyllosophy Bakery makes a baklava that's just...well see for yourself...

...those layers will be the end of me...

the best part is that these guys are ONLY 9 GRAMS OF SUGAR PER SERVING, and I couldn't even tell!

Christos Tsatsoulas & Alexandros Perdikomatis pose for a pic. Their smiles and pride of their work were
contagious! Notice how Alexandros goes by "Crazy Greek" on his shirt. I bet these guys know how to party!

This next spot, beautifully decorated, was seemingly out of chocolates. BUT...

Low and behold, they dug some out for me! I felt special. And these chocolates were crazy creamy and so good

If I worked with chocolate all day, I would be this happy too! Pictured: Acenette Gonzalez & Urmi Shikha

If you've ever been curious about how they make the chocolate shells for filled chocolate treats, lucky for you
I got the inside scoop. I present to you, "Chocolate Shells: A Mini Picture Series":

First, Acenette Gonzalez of Maravilla Cacao pours chocolate into the molds....

Next, she scrapes off the excess...

Then, she drips the excess in the mold pockets themselves back into the bowl, only keeping enough to line the

pockets with a layer of chocolate to make the shells

After being in the fridge for a bit, they harden into the shells that can be filled with your sweet desires

Next up were what I like to call mini ice cream cones but the accurate description is ice cream cones made
from tuile cookies (from Joe the Baker). Here's how they're created:

Take your pick of whatever cookie type you'd like. The ones I tried were coconut, almond, and black sesame.

Fill over the cone stencils with your desired cookie batter

Hopefully, your tuile cookie will not be burnt after it bakes in the oven for a bit, after which you roll it into a
cute, tight cone

Let it sit and harden into the shape for a bit

And there you have it, the cutest inanimate food item in the universe

Another creation we made: taco cone with marshmallow fluff and a mini macaron

You could even get some of the toppings toasted with a flame torch

Perfection, in the palm of my hand (but not literally since that would get sticky real fast)

They were entertaining, gracious, and all-round awesome!

The Pilotworks team is as fun as they are helpful and passionate about the mission to help businesses

I would say they're nearly just as much a family to Alexandros Perdikomatis as his son

Goodbye, sweet & savory dream factory
If you're interested in getting into the food business, set up an appointment with Pilotworks and let them help
your dreams take flight! Wishing you the best in all your endeavors; you're assured to be in good hands.

11830 Webb Chapel Rd, #1200
Dallas, TX


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