Avoid FOMO and Check Out Fogo de Chão at Legacy West

Walking into Fogo de Chão in Legacy West is like being the protagonist in an Ocean’s series

film. Dramatic lighting with people dressed to the nines swarming around you, it’s quite the spot
and a treat not just to the taste buds but to the eyes as well.

Beautifully built out, the new Fogo in Legacy West is not only now the company’s flagship
location but also its global headquarters. The beauty of this arrangement is that the patrons of
the Legacy West location could and wilbe periodically treated to chef innovations since the
corporate office sits right above the restaurant space. How epic is that? Pretty dang epic!

The restaurant is also constructed to accommodate private parties, which is highly recommended not only because of Fogo de Chão's clearly stunning ambiance but also because the Legacy West development is also a sight to behold and a classy site for any special events.

The staff is friendly and approachable

Fun Fact: Fogo de Chão had its American Premiere in Dallas, TX. That’s right! The first
American Fogo was right here in the DFW area. As they say, life comes full circle with the
headquarters and flagship restaurant now in Plano, the bustling and rapidly developing suburb
of Dallas.  

The media event was themed around travel, so I got a little Fogo passport 

The event was like a fun scavenger hunt where we had to get a stamp from every part of the restaurant like
the market table, the bar, the dry-aged meat counter (yes, you heard me right). But when you go, you'll be
exploring uncharted territory, so just have fun with it!

Now enough talk about the details. Let’s dig into the food! Honestly, your eyes are the first thing
that do the devouring in this restaurant. The first thing that will catch yours is the expansive
market table. Inspired by grand kitchen tables that were a mainstay in the houses of Southern
Brazilian farmers, the market table brings back the feeling of bonding over a festive meal with
friends and family through its selection of seasonal salads, fresh vegetables, homemade soups,
globally-renowned feijoada, imported meats and cheeses, among many, many other delicacies.

Cured meats, smoked salmon, grilled seasonal vegetables...

Cheese and peppers galore!

 Look at that beautiful spread...

 More cheeses and pepper because honestly how much is enough (the limit does not exist)

 I love you, olive...


Pro-tip: nibble on pineapple throughout the meal because it's known to have appetite-increasing properties

Now for the best part, the table service. The warm and attentive staff come to your table,
alternating periodically between their famed selection of meats: twelve different cuts of beef,
lamb, chicken, and pork. Not to mention, there is a dry-aged meats counter with knowledgeable
servers who will answer all your questions, silly or otherwise (no such thing as a silly question,
to be honest). Mmmmm! Just look at that juiciness:

 These cuts are so tender they practically cut themselves...

 Finished the evening off with some dry-aged cuts, lamb chops, bacon (because I ate it with everything),
chimichurri sauce, and a chunk of bleu cheese!

But that’s not all folks! Fogo’s side dishes and desserts will also give you all of the FOMO:

I mean, have you seen anything more stunning?

 Dreaming of swimming through that...

 Never seen a crust so perfect (even on a pizza)

It was a magical experience; please do check it out and let us know what you thought! Ask for
Tony if you go - he's the restaurant manager and marvelous host!

 Hoping you all join in on the fun!

5908 Headquarters Drive Ste. K150
Plano, TX
 (469) 606-1000  


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