Fig + Goat Hand-Crafted Cheese & Meat Gathering Boards

article and photography by Kimberly Stephens

You simply cannot go wrong with a cheese + charcuterie board!

It was such a pleasure to spend some time and chat with Rebekah Relander, owner of Fig + Goat to talk about her newest venture and her obvious passion for creatively curating her unique gathering boards. Rebekah has lived in Allen, Texas for the last 15 years, and has a contagious laugh and sweet spirit, and her true passion for gardening is evident when she speaks.

The name, Fig +Goat (which pairs so perfectly together like the foods on the boards themselves) was developed while gardening in the backyard of her home with her two children. Gardening is a true passion for her family - especially her two daughters - who love planting and getting their hands dirty. Their love for gardening quickly grew into an adorable children’s t-shirt line featuring veggies (you can find these also on her website linked below). With t-shirt slogans like: "we got the beets", "lettuce have courage and kindness", and more, you can’t help but want one for yourself.

Ultimately, her love for food is what inspired Rebekah to expand Fig + Goat in November of 2017 and she has now started creating unique "gathering boards" - a much easier and fun way to say "cheese and charcuterie boards" - with all the fixin's.

With her obvious love for gardening, and a large inherited picnic table from her grandparents, Rebekah merges the two to gather with friends and family over food.

Enter Gathering Boards! Bringing people together through food is an absolute joy of Rebekah/Fig + Goat and a also great conversation starter. You never know who you will meet, or what ideas can be launched, just  sitting amongst a community of people, eating and drinking together.

Each seasonal gathering board is creatively curated beginning with honey comb. Why honeycomb? Not only is it pretty, but also tasty and unique - and not typically what someone would buy at their local grocery store.

The gathering board concept is all about the experience - one that will keep you coming back for more. With three sizes: small, medium and large - each board varies according to the season with quality locally sourced ingredients.
Fig + Goat stands out by bringing your gathering board right to your doorstep. You have the
option of keeping the board for future events  (slightly higher cost) or leaving the board at your front door the next day for them to pick-up and re-use. I love this option because recycling and making the earth greener is the way to go in my book!

The small board includes three cheeses, two meats and feeds 4 to 6 people and prices range from $64-$234. The medium and large boards are ideal for larger gatherings.  There is something for everyone at Fig +Goat - from a Girls Night out, date night or cocktail hour at a wedding reception. 

FYI: This would be a great Valentine’s gift to share with your loved ones.There's a Valentine's Day special "mini love board" priced at $49 which is perfect for two to nosh on with a bottle of wine or sparkling juice of choice. Alongside sourcing the best of the best, she also includes a pairing menu with each gathering board to guide each experience effortlessly.

Rebekah visits local farmers market to buy what she can according to the season and also works with distributors who source each cheese from their local farmers.

Ordering is simple: Place order 5 days before event, Pick the size of your gathering board, event type, delivery date and window time, and your gathering board will be at your front door step.

Well...what are you waiting on for, food lovers? Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Head to to order your very own gathering board. Enjoy!


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