DFW Find Your Burger Challenge

story and photography by Kimberly Stephens
Word to the wise: stretchy pants may be required for the news I'm about to share with you.

Chef Tim Love created an epic challenge for the month of February and I was absolutely thrilled to attempt to take it on. What challenge, you may ask? A burger crawl in the Fort Worth through 4 of his restaurants!

I was able to visit 2 of the 4 restaurants and my first stop was Lonesome Dove, where I was lucky enough to try a plethora of small snacks before the main dish was served.

I went in to Lonesome Dove for lunch and had the featured burger which was a 50/50 ground tenderloin and NY strip patty, layered into a respectable double cheeseburger. Can we say succulent? I throughly appreciate someone else who adores burgers just as much as I do and adds cheese on each layer of meat. (Meat. Cheese. Repeat.)

My second stop for the day was Woodshed SmokeHouse. I just knew I had to get the namesake Woodshed Burger! Of course, I’m extra, so I had to throw a egg on top! The Woodshed Burger is truly a meat-lovers dream; chopped brisket, today's sausage-rabbit and rattlesnake (don’t knock it until you try it!) and smoked cheddar.

To wrap up my time at Woodshed, of course I had to get the smokin’ chocolate pie with bacon because.... everything is better with bacon, right? I can't wait to return for everything, but most of all, that burger, oh, that burger.

Well, DFW, are you up for the challenge? If so, you have until the end of February to eat a burger at all 4 locations to win a $100 gift card! Don’t forget to tag #loveyourbURGEr in your pictures!

(In case you weren't aware, Each of these locations serve so much more than just burgers...scroll thru to see each location we stopped by and what else we ate/drank!)


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