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Best Things We Ate in 2017: DWDJ Contributors' Edition

Photo by Kate Sherga (@kawaiidfw)
Y'all know by now I didn't quite eat EVERYTHING there was to eat in 2017 (but I tried, have you seen my Best of List for the year? There's even a second, city specific one for Plano Magazine). I told you - I consumed a LOT.

For - you know - research.

Earlier this year I had to get some contributors on board here at Dining with Delia Jo to help me out to more adequately cover the dining scene, especially once I knew we were moving and I would need help to keep Dallas involved in my blog and social media.  Because even if I am in Nashville now, Dallas still has a big piece of my heart. And my stomach.

This year 5 talented ladies joined on to help me out, and have been killing it with event coverage, photos, instagram and blog posts, and even hashtagging (bless their hearts, I hate that part) the heck out of some DFW food.

My list was long on its own, but I was hungry to to hear from them to know the best things they ate in 2017.

Below, two contributors -Kimberly Stephens and Kate Sherga -weigh in on some of their favorite bites of the year.

-----  12 favorite bites with @foodfaithfreedom -----

Kimberly Stephens was my very first contributor, signing on earlier in the year. A Texas native, Kimberly has a love of food, strong faith, and a passion for people. Her stunning smile and her sweet spirit make her zest for life infectious. Read her blog at and follow along here with her instagram account, @foodfoodfreedom.  All photos in this list were taken by Kimberly.

1. The Vegetarian Tacos (Frontera & Papadulce) from Tacodeli

2. Duck-fat Fried Chicken Wings at Roots Chicken Shak (located inside Legacy Hall)

3. Fish Po’ boy from Silver Spoon Restaurant

4. Short Rib Sourdough Melt- (Best Sandwich) at Sixty Vines

5. Lemon-glazed Doughnuts (the best part? they are served warm!) -The Standard Pour

6. Chicken Fried Beef Ribs from Jack Allen’s Kitchen

7. Red Beans and Rice (add chicken! You won’t regret it!) - Royal House Oyster Bar

8. Black-eyed Pea Hummus from Haywire

9. Redneck Cheddar and Onion Marmalade Burger, also from Haywire

10. That Philly Cheesesteak from Truck Yard

11. Burgers from Slater’s 50/50

12, Pickled Jalapeno Pimento Cheese from Whistle Britches

----- 10 Sweets + Bonus Savories from @kawaiidfw ----- 

I found Kate Sherga on Instagram as @kawaiidfw -  posting some of the most adorable food photos I had ever seen, and the rest, as they say, is history. A foodship was born. Kate is a Dallas native, self-proclaimed  carboholic, and firm believer in the Oxford comma.  Her top food groups are as follows: bread, pasta, and sweets.
All photos on this list were taken by Kate. Click here to follow along with Kate's gorgeous instagram adventures.

1. Everything from 85C Bakery Cafe... I can't leave without loading up a tray full of pastries. The Berry Tale is my absolute fave though (pictured bottom right).

2. So.boong from Cocohodo in Carrollton. A taiyaki cone filled with soft serve and your choice of toppings. Messy to eat, but so delicious!

3. Gnome Cones in Argyle. It's a far drive, but speaking as someone who hates snow cones, I actually loved this one (and not just because it's cute). Perfect texture, flavor, and most importantly- the perfect ratio of juice to ice!

4. Rolled ice cream taco from I CE NY in Carrollton. Not a gimmick! This Taco Tuesday specialty was so good, and surprisingly easy to eat (I know it doesn't look like it).

5. Macaron ice cream sandwich from Joy Macarons on Lower Greenville. In the words of George Sr. on Arrested Development- "I am having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich."

6. Ice cream bun from Milk & Cream in Dallas. Pictured is the glazed donut with lavender bean ice cream and Fruity Pebbles. The donut was served warm, yet the ice cream stayed cold and perfect. The lavender bean flavor was out of this world.

7. The "Macarons Party" honey toast from Snowflake Cafe in Richardson. Sweet buttery bread on the inside. Ice cream and macarons on the outside. What's not to love?

8. Any of the bubble waffle sundaes from Sweet Lab in Carrollton. This one is the "Insomniac" with coffee ice cream, caramel popcorn, Snickers, and crushed peanuts.

9. Donuts from Urban Donut in Dallas. I've eaten a LOT of cutely decorated donuts this year, but these were the best tasting!

10. Macarons from WE THE BIRDS. Online orders only or try to catch one of their pop-up shops in Dallas. This sister blogging duo makes the best macarons in the city.

11. I've been on a mission to find the best ramen in Dallas. So far my top 4 are (in no particular order): Hanabi Ramen in Carrollton, Ken Japanese Bistro in Richardson, Wabi House in Dallas (pictured), and Ichiro Ramen House in Dallas. (I haven't been to Oni yet, I'm sorry!) Note- I'm a tonkotsu ramen girl all the way. Also, the ramen at Chino Chinatown is fantastic too, but it's not a classic Japanese ramen which is the only reason I didn't include it in my top 4. :)

12. Oh and side note, I just tried the jambon beurre sandwich from Village Baking Co. on Lower Greenville and it's s 💯.  And I don't even like ham!


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