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Nada Nashville Opens in Midtown

Hola Nashville - Queen of Queso (AKA Delia Jo) here again, reporting for duty at newly opened Nada in Midtown. You can bet your bottom peso I have been sampling the heck out of some cheese-y concoctions since moving to Nashville (I think I've had at least 15 bowls in these 3 months). So... I think have a pretty good pulse on the queso scene here already. ;) Plus, after 9 years of Texas living and with my great DFW Queso With Delia Jo Master List under my belt, I think we all can agree, I eat drink, breathe all things queso. I won't lie, when I heard a popular concept that originated in Cincinnati was opening a taco joint in town, I thought to myself "Do they even know tacos?" I figured the queso would be par for the course in town. I. Was. Wrong. Get thee to Nada. Now. Stay tuned to read exactly why, if you haven't already seen my Instagram post and stories from my visit. Nada was perhaps my biggest surprise since moving to Nashville. I've eaten

Zoli’s NY Pizza Addison

article and photography by Nelli Tokleh I love New York.  Okay, I know that’s an overrated statement, but it’s a true fact. New York brings to mind magical winters, a  concrete jungle with never-ending explorations, celebrity run-ins, late-night eateries and so much more. So when I heard Zoli’s NY Pizza was reopening in North Texas, I thought this is my chance to enjoy that famous east coast pizza in the south, and maybe it’ll feel like I’m traveling to the Big Apple once again. Plus, if you enjoy the grub at Cane Rosso, you’ll definitely love Zoli’s (they’re sister brands). The pizzeria features a straightforward menu of NYC-style pies, along with meaty “hero” sandwiches, pastas, salads and more scrumptious bites. I stopped by for a menu sampling, so take a look at the drool-worthy pics below. Starting with appetizers, the Garlic Knots are a must have. This comes in a bowl of knots (the soft bread) with olive oil, parmigiano, red pepper, sea salt and garlic. This app

Best Things We Ate in 2017: DWDJ Contributors' Edition

Photo by Kate Sherga (@kawaiidfw) Y'all know by now I didn't quite eat EVERYTHING there was to eat in 2017 (but I tried, have you seen my Best of List for the year? There's even a second,  city specific one for Plano Magazine ). I told you - I consumed a LOT. For - you know - research. Earlier this year I had to get some contributors on board here at Dining with Delia Jo to help me out to more adequately cover the dining scene, especially once I knew we were moving and I would need help to keep Dallas involved in my blog and social media.  Because even if I am in Nashville now, Dallas still has a big piece of my heart. And my stomach. This year 5 talented ladies joined on to help me out, and have been killing it with event coverage, photos, instagram and blog posts, and even hashtagging (bless their hearts, I hate that part) the heck out of some DFW food. My list was long on its own, but I was hungry to to hear from them to know the best things they ate in 2017. B

Hot Happy Hour Alert + Lunch Service Takes Flight at The Mockingbird

The Mockingbird hatched in Music City a few months back, the culinary brainchild of two partners who came to Nashville to open the stunning restaurant serving global diner fare.  Executive Chef   Br ian Riggenbach and Front-of-House and Pun-Builder extraordinaire Mikey Corona have created a menu filled with fun dish names and comforting, outside-the-nest classics.  I visited for a Happy Hour a few months back and took note of the good deals. They've recently expanded their Happy Hours to span from 2:30pm until 6pm. Happy Hour at The Mockingbird includes $6 bites, including favorite "rice, rice baby" app - pimento cheese arancini.  Select wine and beer of the day are priced well at $5, and the classic margarita and "daily punchin' bag" (an adult take on the capri sun, served in an actual bag) ring up for just $6.  Those hungry for a full dinner can grab "The Happier Meal" - a draught beer of your choice coupled with the Mockingbird Bur