Legacy Food Hall Heaven Opens in Plano, TX

Article by Kimberly Stephens & Nelli Tokleh // Photos by Kimberly Stephens

2017 is ending on a high note in Plano, Texas!

The highly-anticipated Legacy Food Hall located at Legacy West has opened its door and is eagerly waiting to not only greet you with open arms, but to give you a full head-on experience of the DFW food scene. I’ve personally been so thrilled about Legacy Food Hall since conception, and to walk in the doors for opening week to see all the food stalls in their beauty was truly a food lovers’ dream come true.

The House from Press Waffle Co. 

As of last Wednesday (December 6, 2017) this beautiful hall holds 22 food stalls (with more to come in 2018), several bars and a beer brewery (Unlawful Assembly) on the third floor. The Food Hall has greeted thousands of guests already in under a week, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Legacy Food Hall is where Texas-sized food wishes can easily be granted.

Dim Sum 2.0 Bao from Enter the Bao 

The concept of Legacy Food Hall is simple: it’s your very own food playground. Explore everything! Discover your new favorite food or bar and dive in. The Food Hall opens daily at 7 a.m., and breakfast starts at the entrance with Glazed Donut Works, Press Waffle Co. and Whisk & Eggs on level 1. It’s followed by lunch, dinner and late night bites options such as Enter the Bao, Tacos Patron and Knife Burger. Being that the Food Hall is open during the week until 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday (yes, that’s no typo), the spot has something for everyone.

Margarita from one of many bars at Legacy Hall

Can we just take one minute to talk about one place at the hall that I instantly fell in love with at first bite at Root's Chicken Shak? Roots is a down-home cooking concept created by Top Chef competitor, Tiffany Derry, is serving up duck fat fried chicken. I opted to try the duck fat chicken wings, and I honestly felt like I was in my great-grandmother’s kitchen again. The duck fat added not only a great flavor to the wings, but it made the meat superbly tender and the skin extra crispy. I’m still dreaming about it, and actually headed back to grab a couple more tomorrow! Not to mention the home-made sauces, of course I tried all three, but my favorite was the sweet ‘n’ spicy BBQ.

Duck Fat Fried Chicken Wings from Root's Chicken Shak

The new space will undoubtedly keep you coming back for more with positive vibes, premium food options and drinks flowing - with choices abounding for all who enter.

I could go on and on about this hall, but I want to share the experience with you and show you some drool-worthy pictures. I hope that once you see these pictures, you will grab your wallet (and a friend) and head to the hall to explore and discover your own favorite item.

800 Windrose Avenue
Plano, TX 75024.

Keep scrolling to see even more photos from Legacy Food Hall's opening week. 

K-Pop Brisket Fries from Enter the Bao

Lobster Roll from Sea Breeze Lobsta and Chowda House

Pops from Berrynaked

Important words to remember, at Legacy Hall and in life

Get ready for an experience

Burger + Fries from Knife Burger, by John Tesar

Eat. Slay. Love. Repeat. 


  1. If those pictures don't make you hungry, I don't know what will! December has been too busy to make it to Legacy Food Hall yet but we'll be heading there as soon as the new year begins. Really looking forward to it!


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