Get Saucy at Razzoo's Cajun Cafe Plano

I've long been a fan of Razzoo's Cajun Cafe, a Texas born restaurant that features scratch-made Lousiana favorites. All locations are locally owned, and the 26-year-old restaurant has most of its locations in Texas, with one in NC, and some new spots TBA in the near future.

Some of my favorite fried indulgences at Razzoo's are the "Rat Toes" on their appetizer menu. If you love a bit of spice, ignore the name and order up some of these jalapenos stuffed with shrimp, crab, then battered and fried, served with a Cajun Buttermilk sauce for dipping. And that's just scratching the slippery surface on all of the house-made delicious sauces at Razzoo's.

National Hot & Spicy Food Day is Saturday, August 19, so in anticipation of that awesome food holiday, Razzoo's  invited us out for our own little sauce tasting, AKA Delia' Paradise. I was NOT aware that Razzoo's cooks up FIFTEEN different sauces in house, and once I found this out, I couldn't wait to put my saucy skills to the test. Their sauce menu features 5 not-spicy dipping sauces and 10 different spicy sops.

Here's a sauce run down. Look for them on the menu or add them to your favorite menu item. You know, for research.


1.Cream Gravy: Smoky, bacon-flavored cream gravy with bits of sausage.
2. Honey Mustard: Sweet, zingy, creamy dressing.
3. Cocktail Sauce: Basic cocktail sauce gets an upgrade with chili sauce, Worcestershire, and Tabasco.
4. Cajun Buttermilk: Homestyle ranch-y buttermilk sauce with a Cajun accent.
5. Spicy Tartar Sauce: Fresh made thick tartar sauce with hints of dill


6. Meuniere: Served on the Blackened Tilapia, the classic sauce has some hints of pepper and buttery finish.
7. Crawfish Lemon Butter: An aptly named citrusy butter that pops the taste of the seafood.
8. Etoufee: Creamy seafood gravy, mild spice.
9. Creole: Found atop the Shrimp Creole dish, this sauce has a tomato base with a zippy aftertaste, smoky with chipotle peppers.
10. Razzoo's Hot Sauce: bottled with their logo, this is your Lousiana style hot sauce to put on pretty much everything. There's some fire in this one.

The last 5 Spicy sauces are my top 5 favorites. These are truly my ultimate jam on the Razzoo's sauce scene.

11; Jalapeno Cheese: This one comes on the Jalapeno Catfish. It's like Lousiana queso, so you know I'm game. Gimme some chips.
12. Fais Deaux Deaux: I adored this on the salmon entree'. Slightly spicy, slightly sweet with a zing of lemon and a kiss of honey.
13. Creole Cream: Spicy garlic cream sauce. Need I say more?
14. BBQ Ouch: I was sort of wowed by the Grilled Gator Tail. I've only ever had it fried, but this grilled version was super tender, served with the heat of the BBQ Ouch sauce, a pleasantly spicy pairing rich with crushed red pepper.
15. Hurricane: My favorite sauce of the evening. Order the hurricane shimp, or add the sauce with whatever your little Cajun-lovin' heart desires. It's spicy, savory, sweet, all at the same time, balance with honey, depth added by oregano and thyme. My new go-to sauce at Razzoo's/.

What is your favorite Razzoo's sauce?

3905 Dallas Parkway
Plano, TX

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*While my meal was comped, as always, all opinions and thoughts remain my own.


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