Fresh, Healthy, Fast: Roti Modern Mediterranean

Roti Modern Mediterranean's motto is "Food that loves you back". With build-your-own rice plates, salads, Laffa wraps, and pita sandwiches, you can add your choice of proteins, sides, toppings, and sauces. I can vouch that this food absolutely did love me back, as I felt good and energized all day after dining there for lunch. No midday slumps here!

Roti Modern Mediterranean, a Chicago based fast casual restaurant, opened its first Texas location this earlier this summer at McKinney & Olive in Uptown. A build-your-own bowl, sandwich, salad, or wrap concept, you add your proteins, sides, toppings, and sauces, loading up your healthy meal to your liking.

Add a side of Spicy or Regular Hummus, with house-baked pita bread, and you've got a well-balanced, very filling meal. (Not used to healthy stuff? I just tell my stomach it's Mediterranean chips and queso - does the trick!)

Check out the menu below to decide what you'd create at this new health-conscious spot.

Menu Courtesy of Roti

Entree-wise,  I really enjoyed the spicy lamb meatballs (spicy lamb, red quinoa, fresh herbs, and Parmesan) shown here in salad form. If you like spicy - try the Green S'hug sauce on your creation.

The signature Chicken Roti is also very flavorful - chargrilled antibiotic-free chicken with their special blend of spices. I'll be back to try the falafel for one of my meatless days, as Roti is an ideal spot for food-conscious diners looking to make the healthiest of choices.

Roti's CEO Carl Segal says, “The Mediterranean diet has sustained people for centuries. Rich in vegetables, wholesome grains, and lean protein, this is a delicious and healthful way to eat. At Roti, we source only the finest ingredients, prepare them simply and with pride, then serve them exactly how you want them.”

Segal continues, "We want you to craft an eating experience that’s uniquely yours. Whatever you’re in the mood for, whether it’s char-grilled steak, crispy falafel, or something spicy, we’ll help you curate your perfect meal — ensuring that whichever path you choose, they all lead to delicious. We want you to feel great about your choices, knowing that we’ll make sure everything we serve is wholesome and full of flavor.”

Roti Dallas is open M-F from 11am-9pm, and Saturday from 11am-7pm. Be sure and get your parking validated if you park in the garage at McKinney & Olive. 

McKinney & Olive
2355 Olive St
Dallas, TX


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