La Madeleine Seasonal Mediterranean-inspired Menu

Photo Courtesy of la Madeleine

Patrick Leon Esquerré opened the first location of la Madeleine bakery (boulangerie) in 1983 on Mockingbird Lane, right next door to SMU in Dallas. When he came to the US,  he longed for the fresh-baked baguettes and endearing café vibe found in  his hometown in the Loire Valley of France. So... he opened his own. Featuring the flavors of the French countryside and bolstered by the support and advice of Stanley Marcus (of Neiman Marcus), Patrick used his own mother's recipes to create the menu, the food behind the concept of la Madeleine you see today.

Even still, Executive Chef Susan of la Madeleine upholds the standards of using fresh ingredients and the overall integrity of French cuisine. This season they've introduced something entirely new to the menu...

You can now experience flavors of the Mediterranean for a limited time at la Madeleine. Executive Chef Susan's new seasonal menu was inspired by flavors from the south of France and incorporates fresh produce and seasonal ingredients for dishes such as the Mediterranean
Chicken & Feta Sandwich and the Provençal Chicken & Rice Bowl. 

The Provençal Chicken & Rice Bowl features Balsamic-marinated chicken, roasted tomatoes, artichokes, olives and basil pesto baked "en papillote," served on a bed of rice Provençal and topped with creamy tzatziki sauce and feta cheese. This is a healthy AND tasty meal choice. 

Photo Courtesy of la Madeleine

The Mediterranean Chicken & Feta Sandwich (in top photo) is a lunchtime dream: Balsamic-marinated chicken, feta cheese and roasted red pepper hummus toasted on a French baguette with Roma tomatoes, lettuce and tzatziki sauce.

Dessert is always a highlight of a visit to la Madeleine, and this summer, lemon lovers will be singing about this menu, featuring their new Lemon Cream Cake and Lemon Tarts – each pairs divinely with a glass of rosé wine (who knew la Madeleine had wine? You're welcome). 

Photo Courtesy of la Madeleine

Visit la Madeleine soon and get a taste of the Mediterranean with French country flair.

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