PDQ Now Serving Angus Beef

In Alabama, where I was born and raised, I've always known the letters PDQ to stand for "pretty darned quick". That's initially what I this new (to Texas) restaurant's name meant when they opened their Frisco location, a couple years ago. I learned quickly that this was not the case. PDQ (the restaurant) stands for People Dedicated to Quality, and I'm excited to share with you about their latest quality menu items, made with 100 percent natural, never frozen, angus beef. 

But first, a little about the brand I've come to really enjoy over the last couple of years. 

Nick Reader and Bob Basham opened their first PDQ in Tampa, Florida in 2011. Nick and Bob's journey to open PDQ originally began in 2009 when Bob, looking for new inspiration teamed up with Nick, who wanted to open a fast food spot that he could feel good about serving his children. They found just that in a mom and pop restaurant in North Carolina named Tenders. They struck a deal, and the rest is history. 

The brand now has more than 50 locations nationwide and are quickly becoming a household name. The food speaks for itself, and sets PDQ apart with their focus on quality and production of delicious fresh chicken tenders, salads, sandwiches, and shakes. They've focused on these menu items for 6 years now, so I was kind of surprised to learn they were adding a whole new protein to their stores. I knew the company's dedication to quick food, freshness, and hospitality, but I was pleasantly surprised they're not stopping there. Continuous innovation and new menu items keep PDQ current and always give you something new to come back and try. In fact, there aren't many "fast food" concepts I would cover on my blog, but PDQ stands apart as one I am proud to recommend. The food is all prepared fresh to order (patience please) and the team is happy to customize the items to your liking. 

Some of my favorite "off the beaten path" fast food menu items have been the Grilled Turkey Breast Sandwich (it's like Thanksgiving on a bun), apple slices with a seriously addictive toffee dip, and zucchini fries. Plus they introduced me to Cheerwine, a North Carolina soda staple that is a cherry flavored carbonated treat. Last year they added a new Honey Butter Chicken Sandwich to their menu, and just as everything else, it impressed. So naturally, when the kind people with PDQ invited me in to sample the latest addition, I expected good things.

As you saw on the cover photo (that Bacon Double Cheeseburger, tho!), the new burgers are handsome to look at (and drool over). You'll be happy to discover the taste lives up to the beauty. The burger is juicy and exactly the top quality you come to expect from Angus beef. You can also order a regular cheeseburger (seen above, no bacon) if you're not into pork. 
NEW Fiesta Taco Salad
The Fiesta Taco Salad is a great option for those looking to dine a tad lighter. Homemade taco meat served atop mixed greens with fresh sliced avocado, cheddar and jack cheeses, black beans, tomatoes, tortilla strips, and a zesty Peppercorn Ranch dressing, this is sure to please. 

Zucchini Fries (ask for Ranch for dipping)

Side dish alert: a nearly biweekly afternoon snack of mine are PDQ's zucchini fries. A wise reader once recommended them with the ranch dressing, and I haven't looked back. (I also looooove the Buffalo Bleu Sauce for my tenders. And maybe with a spoon. Don't judge.) You can order them as a an appetizer and share with friends, there's plenty in a serving. 

Rest easy knowing that each and every sauce, tender, burger, and fry at PDQ is made fresh in store with the utmust attention to quality and freshness. Any store that lets me see their kitchen and entire operation from top to bottom is absolutely okay with me. No frozen mess here...just real ingredients and welcoming people.

Mint Oreo Shake

Deal alert: This Mint Oreo Shake will be only $1 on St. Patrick's Day (March 17), so mark your calendars for a great deal, plus a little extra luck o' the Irish. 

PDQ has North Texas locations in Frisco, Plano and Murphy.
Check the website to find your nearest location. 

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