Free Tequila Sheela tasting Saturday at Pogo's Wine & Spirits

Get your sip on this Saturday from 1-4pm with Tequila Sheela at Pogo's Wine & Spirits in Dallas, located at 5360 W Lovers Lane. Sip and chat with co-owner Sheela Marshall, then buy a bottle to take home and create your own creations for the Super Bowl on Sunday!

I always love to support local. Tequila Sheela goes beyond being just local and also goes above and beyond providing a smooth, clean, easy-drinking tequila that is a perfect tequila for sipping on its own, or mixing for a festive cocktail. Created by two DFW ladies, this 100% organic blue agave tequila is created without use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or antibiotics, so the drinker can be sure of the care taken throughout production.

Here are a couple of my favorite tequila cocktail recipes: Lemon Basil Margarita, Signature Pineapple SpiceTequila Sheela shares some of their own favorites recipes at this link. I haven't tasted all of theirs but the few I have were smooth and super approachable.

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