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Delia Jo's 100 best bites in DFW

Well, friends, it looks like we made it. 2016 has been a weird one at best, but one positive I have in every year is eating great food in DFW and wherever I travel. So here you go, hungry ones, the rundown on the best bites I consumed this year in the metroplex, ranging from fancy to familiar. Some are old favorites, a few are new discoveries. *Are there a lot of dishes with cheese or peanut butter on this list? Absolutely. This is my list. I'll do what I want. ;) All photos shown are my own unless captioned otherwise.* Here we go, in no particular order: 1. Honey Bastard at Cane Rosso  (off menu) 2. (Any) pie at Emporium Pies 3. Quesadillas de Huitlacoche at Mi Dia from Scratch 4. Brisket Tacos at  Mia's  5. Peanut butter pie at Kenny's East Coast Pizza 6. Cuban Sandwich at The Guava Tree Truck 7. Scallops at Gregory's Bistro 8. Lobster Coconut Bisque at Fearing's 9. Green Chile Queso at