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@EATinFRISCO's 25 Dishes You Must Try in Frisco

@EATinFRISCO's 25 Dishes You Must Try in Frisco Frisco is constantly making headlines in Dallas for their blossoming restaurant scene. In light of that, I've created a place just for FRISCO dwellers, lovers, and 'want to visit'-ers. Follow me at @Eatinfrisco on Twitter for the very latest.  Also, I've created my very first in a series of lists.  Behold, 25 dishes you must try in Frisco . Worth a drive to the suburbs for even the proudest Dallas-ite. Words to the wise: bring earplugs. There will be children. Everywhere.  1. Speechless Roll at Edoko.  2. Ribs at 3 Stacks.  3. BFD (Breakfast for Dinner) at Three Squares.  4. Testa Rossa Pizza from Pizzeria Testa.  5. Pot of Goat at Mash'd.  6. Chopped BBQ at Hutchins.  7. Saganaki at Platia.  8. Bob Armstrong Dip at Mattito's.  9. Key lime pie at Barnlight Eatery.  10. Hangover hash at 5th Street patio cafe.  11. Chocolate and peanut butter caliche from Double Dip.  12. Fried ch