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Bailey's Prime Plus Fairview

Honestly, I've never really been less excited about trying a new place. My expectations weren't high because, I don't know, they just weren't. I'd heard rumors about them being bought/revamping the menu, so I was kind of apprehensive about trying a restaurant in transition. But alas, we took my mother and grandmother there friday night when they were in town for mother's day weekend. I decided to give it a try 1)because it's only 5 miles away, and 2)I'm doing research for a Best Mac 'n' Cheese in Dallas article and they have a lobster mac dish. 2 birds with one stone, right? Anyway, made reservation on opentable and arrived 5 minutes before our reservation time at 7:30. The restaurant was probably 80% vacant, not a great sign. We sat at our table for roughly 8 minutes before our waitress came by and said she would be taking "great care" of us tonight and she would be right back. Fast forward another 12 minutes until she finally