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I didn't order a burger at Burger girl...

Burger Girl has been on the infamous Wish List for a long time now. Any girl who is proud enough of her burgers to market them as a restaurant title is a role model of mine. Wasn't sure what to expect, but it definitely wasn't the hooters type feel. Felt like all heads stared when I appeared, a girl there to eat all by her lonesome.  Lots of business men surrounded me, but the ladies who worked there were friendly and helpful. I was in a bit of a hurry and had no problem getting food, eating, and being gone in about 25 minutes. The Cadillac Grilled Cheese & Bacon sandwich was absolutely killer. At 7.99, you definitely get a man-sized portion of sourdough bread stuffed with massive amounts of provolone, Vermont white cheddar, american cheese and spicy and crisp peppered bacon.  I was, however, disappointed, because the aforementioned sandwich was s'posed to be served with tomato soup, but it wasn't there, and I didn't have time to wait for some.