Sauced wings & more

 Sauced wings & more had been on my want-to-try list since earlier in the year, when I was doing research for an article I wrote on examiner called  "11 DFW Places to dine on a dime."

It's rare that I see a dish that catches my eye on a retaurant's website, and can still recall everything about it without ever eating it several months later. But their Pulled pork nachos did just that. At $5.99, the pulled pork nachos on their menu consisted of the stuff my dreams are made of: house made chips topped with pulled pork, white queso, honey bbq sauce.

I don't know what took me so long, but a couple of weeks ago when having our nightly "discussion" over where to eat, I spouted out that we should go to Sauced, even though I know my husband doesn't really like wings, because of the pulled pork nachos I'd been longing to try.

And,would you believe, even after months of build-up in my food-loving brain/stomach, those pulled pork nachos lived up to my steep expectations?
Just look at these beauties.

Not sure if the picture adequately describes their tantalizing-ness. (Yep, made it up) But maybe if there were a halo floating above them you would catch my drift. The hubby approved heavily as well, and that speaks volumes, b/c hubby isn't often impressed by food.

Oh yeah, and I also ordered wings. (Duh)
I ordered mine medium, and the spice level was perfect for me. You should also know that Tuesdays are .60 boneless wings so I couldn't fight it, I found myself there again today ordering to-go for lunch. :)

For the boneless, I tried Spicy BBQ and Teriyaki (they have over 15 flavors!), and to balance out the healthy factor, some sauteed veggies on the side.
I give Sauced wings and more
10/10 Fingerlicks
5/10 table-side manner

Yes, the food is oodles better than the service, but I'll let it go cause it's just that frigging good.

Peace, love and Queso.

  • Sauced is located at:
  • 4152 W Spring Creek Pkwy #144
  • Plano, TX 75093
  • HOURS:
  • Sunday - Thursday 11 to 9
  • Friday - Saturday 11 to 10 


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