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Review: Andiamo! Italian Bar & Grill

Fingerlicks: 10 Table-side manner : 8 I was somewhat apprehensive to try Andiamo, among the many other options in Addison. Andiamo appears somewhat rundown on the outside, but what a wonderful surprise to find the service and food to be quite the treat! The staff is always welcoming and friendly, and the food has never disappointed. A must-try appetizer is the Andiamo Antipasto (for 2 or more to share). This dish features a sampling of grilled portabella mushrooms, baked clams, crab claws, and baby shrimp in a garlic basil butter sauce. I don't even typically eat mushrooms or clams, but these are fabulous. Entree recommendations: -Gamberi Ripieni alla Cipriani (jumbo shrimp stuffed with crabmeat, served with light tomato Pernod sauce). -Braciole di Maiale al Gradigo (porkchop stuffed with crabmeat, glazed with brandy, served with linguini Alfredo) -Salsiccia Stile Chianti (grilled spicy Italian sausage over fettuccini Alfredo) These 3 dishes are all melt-in-your-mouth yummy. I high

Sauced wings & more

 Sauced wings & more had been on my want-to-try list since earlier in the year, when I was doing research for an article I wrote on examiner called  " 11 DFW Places to dine on a dime ." It's rare that I see a dish that catches my eye on a retaurant's website, and can still recall everything about it without ever eating it several months later. But their Pulled pork nachos did just that. At $5.99, the pulled pork nachos on their menu consisted of the stuff my dreams are made of: house made chips topped with pulled pork, white queso, honey bbq sauce. I don't know what took me so long, but a couple of weeks ago when having our nightly "discussion" over where to eat, I spouted out that we should go to Sauced, even though I know my husband doesn't really like wings, because of the pulled pork nachos I'd been longing to try. And,would you believe, even after months of build-up in my food-loving brain/stomach, those pulled pork nachos lived